Development centre

Development centre offers development of various solutions and applications for practical testing and preparation of technological welding solutions and thermal cutting of different metal samples according to needs or demands of potential buyers in following areas:

- manual arc welding of metals by MMA, MIG/MAG, pulse MIG, TIG and pulse TIG processes;
- robotic welding of metals by MIG/MAG, pulse MIG, AC/MIG, TIG and pulse TIG processes;
- automatic longitudinal welding of thin sheet metals by TIG, impulse TIG and plasma processes;
- robotic resistance welding of sheet metal;
- robotic cutting/trimming of metal with thermal processes (flame/plasma);
- highly productive 2D/3D cutting/trimming of sheet metal with thermal processes (flame/plasma) with CNC controlled cutter;
- testing of new generation of welding machines of Welbee series for new technologies of welding (for instance MAG welding under protection of pure CO2 gas, “Low spatter” technology) and for new options of control/saving of welding parameters (for instance “welding monitoring”).