Presentation centre

In the presentation part of our technology centre we offer our buyers and distributers overview of our development and production program.
Presentation centre serves therefore for presentations of our typical or standard welding and cutting products in form of permanent exhibition and for presentations of functionality and use of our technological solutions. With use of our equipment in technology centre we present to our customers and distributers practical use of the whole range our our products for different welding and thermal metal cutting technologies.   

Individual workplaces are furnished with all necessary equipment and arranged according to all valid ecological and work safety standards:

1. Open space with demonstration welding table for display of various welding procedures:

a) welding table with movable protection against radiation (pneumatic raising and lowering);
b) flexible tubular arm for local extraction during welding;
c) inverter welding machines WB for MIG, MAG, impulse MIG and “Low Spatter” series of welding technology;
d) inverter welding machines of VARTIG series for DC/TIG and AC/TIG welding process;
e) classic welding machines of VARMIG series for MIG and MAG welding process.

2. Welding booths for practical welding demonstrations and various kinds of training (total of 5 welding booths):

Welding booths are enclosed by a fixed wall on three sides and have a safety curtain agains radiation in the front.

Booths are equipped with adequate welding tables and fume extraction during welding. In them are various welding machines for MMA, MIG/MAG and TIG welding.

3. Device for automatic longitudinal welding (in cabin VK-1):

Device for automatic longitudinal welding of thin sheet metals with microprocessor control and steering with colour LCD-display.

Scope of use:
-    for TIG, pulse TIG and plasma process welding;
-    for welding of construction steel, heavily alloyed CrNi steel.

4. Robot cell VRC-2 with two workplaces:

a) FD-V20 series robot (load capacity 20 kg);
b) flexible tubular hand for local extraction during welding (2 pieces);
c) rotary positioner type P1000K ROBO (load capacity 1000 kg);
d) rotary/tilting “L” positioner type P1000 LVN ROBO (load capacity 1000 kg);
e) welding machine WB-P500L (2 pieces) for MIG, MAG, impulse MIG and “LowSpater” welding technology;
f) touch sensor TOUCH SENZOR FD;
g) laser search sensor QD;
h) equipment with option for TWIN welding process (welding with double wire).

5. Robotic cell VRC-4 with one workplace:

a)   robot FD-V6L series (load capacity 6 kg);
b)   flexible tubular arm for local extraction during welding;
c)   horizontal rotary positioner HZP 300 (load bearing 300 kg);
d)   welding machine WB-P400 for MIG, MAG and impulse MIG welding process;
e)   welding machine DW 300 AC/MIG for AC/MIG welding process;
f)    welding device VARTIG 3500AC/DC for DC TIG, AC TIG and impulse TIG welding process;
g)   touch sensor TOUCH SENZOR FD;
h)   equipment with option for Synhro-MIG welding process.

6. Robotic cell VRC-3 for resistance spot welding:

a)    robot FD-210 series (load capacity 210 kg);
b)    tilt and rotary positioner type P500 NV ROBO (load bearing 500 kg) with clamps for workpieces;
c)    welding equipment for spot welding type CS*SW560-PDP completed with welding pliers and cooling unit ARO.

Scope of use:
-    for resistance spot welding of limed and galvanised construction steel sheets and heavily alloyed CrNi steel;
-    sheet metal of max. thickness 5+5 mm.

7. Robotic cell VRC-6 for thermal metal cutting:

Scope of use:
-    for 3D flame cutting of construction steel;
-    for 3D plasma cutting of construction steel, heavily alloyed CrNi steel, aluminium and alloys.

a)   robot FD-V20 series (load capacity 20 kg);
b)   table for sheet metal with lower extraction and hood for upper extraction;
c)   touch sensor TOUCH SENZOR FD;
d)   laser search sensor QD;
e)   equipment for flame cutting (combustible gas propane);
f)    option of adding equipment for plasma cutting.

8. Coordinate CNC cutter VARCUT for thermal metal cutting:

-    1 flame cutting head;
-    1 3D plasma cutting/trimming head;
-    plasma equipment HPR 260XD;
-    plasma equipment;
-    table for sheet metals with segmental extraction type VAR-ECO.

Scope of use:
-    for 3D plasma cutting of construction steel, heavily alloyed CrNi steel, aluminium and alloys;
-    for 2D flame cutting of sheet metals from construction steel.