Robotic sensors

Laser tracking sensor FD-LT

High-accuracy automatic seam tracking sensor using laser.

  • Adoption of high accuracy three dimensional tracking function enables welding of workpieces of complicated shape.
  • Automatically adjusts the torch to the optimum position by simplified teaching.
  • Can detect workpiece position.
  • Applicable to thin plates and high accuracy uses.
  • Adaptive control allows real time change of the welding current, weaving condition, etc. (option).

Technical data

Name FD - LT
Workpiece position detection ok
Seam tracking ok
Recognition of groove shape ok
Combination with other sensors unnecessary
Applicable workpieces >/= 1,0 mm
Accuracy +/- 0,5 mm*
Workpiece material with not glossy surface

* At search speed up to 100 cm/min for stand-alone robots.