Robotic sensors

Laser search sensor FD-QF

Advantages of Laser Search FD-QF:

  • Industry-best weld seam detection: fastest detect time (0.3 sec), highest accuracy (±0.2mm);
  • Simplified teaching with dedicated detection commands;
  • Incorporates the touch-screen display of our Teach Pendant to simplify the setting of weld seam detection conditions;
  • Stable weld seam detection, even on high-gloss surfaces such as aluminum or stainless steel, via the application of our blue laser and 2D sensor head;

Technical data

Name FD-QF
Workpiece position detection The maximum one-way displacement detection rate is about 0.3 seconds.
Seam tracking x
Recognition of groove shape OK
Combination with other sensors ARC sensor / TIG ARC sensor
Applicable workpieces   >/= 0,5 mm
Accuracy +/- 0,2 mm*
Workpiece material all the materials, except the glossy ones

*Requires stable weld seam cross sectional shape.