Robotic sensors

Arc sensor FD-AR

Automatic seam tracking by weaving.

  • Allows correction of curved workpiece or thermal distortion which can’t be corrected only by detecting workpiece position.
  • Applicable to workpieces with medium thickness or thicker.
  • Most inexpensive among all the tracking sensors.
  • Easy to use from the viewpoints of interference of workpieces and maintenance.

Technical data

Name FD - AR
Workpiece position detection  -
Seam tracking ok
Recognition of groove shape  -
Combination with other sensors FD-WD / FD-QD / FD-LT / FD-SFH
Applicable workpieces >/= 3,2 mm
Accuracy +/- 1,0 mm*
Workpiece material steel, alloyed steel

* At stable arc.