Robotic peripherals

Robot sliders

The robot's movement along the slider is carried out with the teach panel for robot programming.
Enables movement of the robot in the desired position on the slider-external robot axis.
Possible to synchronize the operation of the welding robot with the movement along the slider (optional).
Slider:2x linearball bearing guides, powered by AC servo motor and planetary reduction gear on the rack.
Extention of the the robotic line segments (optional)

Possible shifts on following axes: X, X and Y, X, Y and Z.

Technical data

Stroke lenght 2.500 - 25.000 mm (po segmentih 1.000 mm)
Max. moving speed 20 m/min
Max. payload 600 kg (1000 kg)
Positioning repeatability +/- 0,1 mm
Drive sistem AC servomotor
Power drive 1.200 . 2.000 W

Example - X-axis

Example - X and Y-axis

Example - X, Y and Z-axis