Robotic peripherals

Positioners with support


  • Compact version of positioner;
  • The centering bore in the mounting panel enables the supply of compressed air and control conductors;
  • The positioner is controlled from a robot programming console;
  • It is possible to synchronize the operation of the welding robot with the positioner (option);
  • All drive components are inside of the positioner and are adequately protected;
  • Integrated grounding connector (500A);

Designs of the positioner with payload more than 3000 kg (P-3000 K ROBO, P-5000 K ROBO, P-7500 K ROBO) are robust with integrated axial bearing with internal toothing.

Technical data

Type P-250 K ROBO P-500 K ROBO P-1000 K ROBO P-3000 K ROBO P-5000 K ROBO P-7500 K ROBO
Payload [kg] 250 kg 500 kg 1.000 kg 3.000 kg 5.000 kg 7.500 kg
Nominal number of turning - rotation 23,8 min-1 16,4 min-1 11,2 min-1 2,7 min-1 2,5 min-1 2,0 min-1
Nominaln moment 358 Nm 1.225 Nm 1.225 Nm 3.353 Nm 5.000 Nm 12.800 Nm
Positioning repetance (R=100mm) +/-0,1mm +/-0,1mm +/-0,1mm +/-0,2mm +/-0,2mm +/-0,2mm

Implementation example