Robotic peripherals

Horizontal turning positioners with external axis


  • The rotation of the 2-positions positioner is carried out with electromotors using the Weiss rotating table.
  • Integrated earth cable (500 A).
  • Integrated connector for compressed air (quick connection) and control signals (10-pin connector).
  • On each side of the positioner (A and B side) it is possible to attach a mounting plate with dimensions 1800x550mm.
  • To palce the workpiece in the optimum position for welding there is an external axis added on each side (A and B).
  • Possible to synchronize the operation of the welding robot with the positioner's external axes (optional).

Technical data

Type HZP 300 EO HZP 500 EO
Max. payloads/side 300 kg 500 kg
Faceplate distance 1900 mm 2250 mm
Max. faceplate width 550 mm 1500 mm
Working hight cca 900 mm
Positioning repeaeability +/- 0,1 mm
Rotation elektromotor
Positioning positions nr. 2
Rotation time for 180 ° cca 5 s

Implementation example