VPS 4000 digit

Welding machines VS and VPS enable three different welding methods: MIG/MAG classic, MIG/MAG pulse (VPS) with use of shielding gas and MMA electrode welding (optional by VPS).

VS and VPS machines are suitable for welding contruction steel, CrNi steel, aluminium and alloys. They can be found in car industry, machine and ship building, also as a power source for robotic welding.



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Technical data

Mains connection 3~400 V / 50 Hz
Fuse slow 30 AT
Welding current 30 - 400 A
Welding voltage 15,5 - 34,0 V
Duty cycle  


400 A


283 A
Welding wire diameter 0,8 - 1,2 mm
Weight 46,0 kg
Dimensions (DxWxH) 653x300x595 mm
Ordering code  




Torch type PAG 600/3N
Torch code 602851

Front panel

Poz.     Function

1          Welding mode selection

2          Filler material and shielding gas selection

3          Wire diameter selection

4          Current (A) and welding wire feeding speed (m/min) selection

5          Voltage (V) and corectijon (±) display selection

6          Setting the selected parameter

7          Regime mode selection

8          Switch between displays and functions of the welding process

9          Setting the arc characteristic

10        WAWE PULS« (option) ON

11        Setting the spot welding time

12        F (function key)

13        Start current activation

14        Switch between synergy or individual operation

15        Constant penetration depth ON

16        Water cooled torch selection

17        Gas control

18        Wire retracting

19        LOAD - Load stored program

20        SAVE - Save a welding program (JOB))

21        ENTER - Confirm

Additional equipment

Analog remote controller K5416H00

Digital remote controller E-2454

CAN E/A card K5422B00


Conductor for direct voltage measurement K54A6G00

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